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incredible india Amongst the grandeur of Rajasthan, discover a unique gem - Pushkar. Lord Brahma - The creator of the world in a search for his abode on earth, performed the supremely spiritual vedic yagna at Pushkar. It is thus the site of the only Brahma Temple in the world. A city of Pilgrimage from time immemorial with over 500 temples and ghats Pushkar begets a legacy of timeless architectural heritage. Pushkar radiates an ambience of peace and spirituality that casts a lure to visit again and again.
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On the eastern edge of the vast Thar Desert, with a beautiful backdrop in the embracing arms of the Aravalli Hills, Pushkar is one of the most sacred -- and atmospheric -- towns in India. Legend has it that the holy lake at its center was created when Brahma dropped the petals of a lotus flower (pushpa) from his hand (kar). The tiny temple town that sprung up on the lake shores remains an important pilgrimage site for Hindus, its population swollen in recent years by the hippies who came for a few days and never left -- a sore point for visitors who remember its untouched charm, but happily a matter of indifference to the first-time visitor. Their presence has transformed the sleepy desert town into a semi-permanent trance party, however, with bhang (marijuana) lassis imbibed at the myriad tiny eateries, falafels on every menu, long-bearded rabbis on bicycles, and world music pumping from speakers that line the street bazaar that runs along the northern edge of the lake. This street bazaar is the center of all activity in Pushkar and incidentally one of the best shopping experiences in Rajasthan, where you can pick up the most gorgeous throwaway gear, great secondhand books, and a huge selection of CDs at bargain prices.


There are many legends associated to the birth of Pushkar. One thing is clear that most of them are associated with Lord Brahma. It is said that in a battle, Lord Brahma killed the demon Vajra Nabh with a lotus flower, whose petals floated down to earth and landed in three places in and around Pushkar where lakes sprang up. According to another legend, back in a legendary time, Lord Brahma was flying over the Rajasthan desert on his swan, when some petals fell from his hand and drifted down. Miraculously, blue lakes sprang up where the flowers had touched the soft sands. Just then, Lord Brahma realized that this was the auspicious moment to perform a fire sacrifice or yagna. His wife Savitri was not with him at that time and the yagna would be incomplete without her. So Brahma married a local girl and sat down for the without her. Meanwhile Savitri landed on earth and upon finding this new bride sitting next to Brahma, she was raged with fury and cursed him that he would never be worshipped anywhere else on earth. Ever since then, when the full moon shines on Purnima during the autumn period of kartik, the desert tribes meet to commemorate this epic event. It is interesting to note that Brahma is not worshipped, even though he is one of the Holy Trinity of Hinduism.


Pushkar Facts & Figures
State Rajasthan
Area 16.34  km² 
Rainfall 38 to 51 cms
Altitude 486 metres
Languages Hindi, English, Rajasthani
Best to Visit October to March


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Pushkar Palace Pushkar Lake Jagat Singh Palace Brahma Temple Savitri Temple
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Kuchaman Taragarh Fort Kishangarh Man Mahal Ajmer


By Air - Jaipur is the nearest airport at a distance of 145 km. There are regular flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, and Aurangabad from this airport.

By Rail - Nearest railway station is Ajmer with direct trains for Jaipur, Delhi, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and other major destinations in the region. There are faster trains like Shatabdi Express who connect the Ajmer with Delhi.

By Road - Pushkar is connected to Ajmer by road, which is around 14 km away. Buses in most cases leave Ajmer in the morning from Daulatabad Bus Stand. Jeeps and taxis are also available but on a fairly higher cost. Distances from Pushkar to the major cities in Rajasthan and India are Delhi 403 km, Jaipur 145 km, Udaipur 289 km, Mumbai 285, Pushkar 377, Jodhpur 214, and Chennai 1992.


Fairs and festivals are celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervor to invoke divine blessings as well as for the sheer joy of living. A celebration of life at its best.

Pushkar Fair : A colourful and lively fair, it is one of the largest cattle fairs in the country held every year at Pushkar on Kartik Poornima (full moon, October - November) . The 9 day event is considered to be the most striking animal fair in the world. As the fair has religious significance too, pilgrims and tradesmen come in thousands from far and near. Hundreds of horses, camels, cows and bulls are brought here to be sold. The spectacular fair is irresistible. Vendor displays their attractive goods and the villagers go on a shopping spree. Colourfully filled by turbaned men and odhni-wearing women, the entire atmosphere is electric and the otherwise serene temple town comes to life. The Camel & Horse races, parades and other cultural events are organized, which are full of fun and gaiety. After an eventful day, as the sun sets down, the entire atmosphere reverbrates with the ringing bells and prayers in the temples. At night, hundreds of small oil lamps are lit and placed on green leaves and floated on the lake after the Arti Puja (prayers). the act of worship is called 'deepdan', and the entire lake is illuminated. The view is simply mesmerizing and is to be seen to be believed.


The main thoroughfare, Sadar Bazaar, is just over 1km (a half mile) long, and is lined with tiny shops selling ridiculously cheap (though often low-quality) clothing, excellent music (anything from Hindu temple to Hindi pop to global trance), and the best selection of books west of Delhi. This is definitely the place to come with empty bags -- its almost cheaper to stock up on a new wardrobe here than pay hotel laundry fees.


It is a holy place mostly visited for the sacred Pushkar lake, the Brahma temple and the renowned Camel Safari. Thus, though Pushkar is primarily a pilgrimage spot, it is also visited for the exciting camel safaris in the desert sand dunes. All those who travel to the holy town of Pushkar should never miss a chance to go on a camel safari. This is a great way to explore the vast expanse of the desert landscape in Pushkar which pulls travellers from every corner of the world. Camel Safari in Pushkar is a great experience where one can explore the rugged terrain of the Great Indian Desert of Sahara using camels as ones carriers. The Aravalli Range here are one of the world's oldest, and have sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful hills and mesmerising sunrises and sunsets. The camel safaris in Pushkar takes one to the destinations where one witnesses small villages along the way and if one happens to visit during crop harvesting , the views are exceptionally alluring.