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Water Bird Sanctuary

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is a diamond in India's ecological crown, despite being one of the smallest parks in the country. A visit to Kumarakom, nesting on the banks of the Vembanad Lake, will give you the pleasure to meet a variety of migratory birds that cluster in thousands, some from the Himalayas, and some even from the snow-kissed hills of Siberia, a true multicultural avian metropolis. During the rains, some of India's most spectacular avians gather in their finest haunts to court their mates and nest in huge colonies in the trees lining the paths of the sanctuary. Plan a visit to Kumarakom, to enjoy the priceless show of avian acrobats, pulsating on the beats of nature.

Visit Kumarakom bird sanctuary to pop upon the endangered (because of habitat loss and hunting) Siberian Cranes, with bills and faces as red as if dipped in blood, white tufts that is simply peerless and sprawled wingtips in black, like a spinning nebula in the dark sky. Although much of these vegetarian foreigners are absent in this century, it is still possible to spot a few eye-catching demoiselle cranes and 'sarus', the latter hooting for a shield of protection, so that in future years it doesn't meet the unfortunate fate of its Siberian relative.


Backwater Cruise

Backwater cruise to Kumarakom in Kerala, India is the perfect way to enjoy your holidays to Kerala, India as you can laze in the sun, go boating on the lovely Kerala backwaters or enjoy fishing on the tranquil waters.

There are several tour packages that offer backwater cruises on the traditional Kerala kettuvalloms on the glittering Kerala backwaters in Kerala, India.

Kumarakom was but a traditional Kerala fishing village that was later developed into the perfect holiday destination. In fact a lot of tourists visit this perfectly picturesque region with its natural greenery and relaxed atmosphere.

One of the best places to set base while on a backwater cruise to Kumarakom in Kerala, India is perhaps the Kumarakom Lake Resort. This attractive holiday destination makes it possible for you to go on an enjoyable backwater safari.


The Vembanad Lake

Kumarakom on the Vembanad Lake is fascinating. Interspersed with lush green mangrove forests, paddy fields that stretch out far into the horizon and rows and rows of coconut palms that criss-cross the backwater canals, the little village of Kumarakom is in reality a group of small islands.

Kumarakom is part of Kerala's rice bowl, the Kuttanad region and is ideal for backwater cruises. A beautiful backwater spot within hailing distance of Kumarakom is the 14-acre bird sanctuary on the eastern banks of the Vembanad Lake. The sanctuary named after the village is a favorite haunt of migratory birds. There are egrets, darters, herons, teals, waterfowls, cuckoos, wild ducks and Siberian storks. The best way to watch the birds in the Kumarakom sanctuary is a boat trip round the islands.

A boat ride into the countryside can offer a close look at the life in the villages. There are fishermen in their small boats looking for fish while the women, neck-deep in water, search for the shy but tasty Karimeen fish with their feet. Or you could stay awake at night when fishermen glide over the dark waters with a flaming torch in their left hand and a net in their right. The fish, attracted by the light, are scooped up in the net.