The serene, beautiful state of Karnataka extends a complete contrast to its bustling cities. It offers more than a perpetual holiday for - the daydreamers, the painters, the artist, the trekkers, the vacationers and more. It brings you close to nature and yourself. So next time you drop by, make sure to discover one of the many beautiful spots like Kemanagundi, Madikeri... Listen to the magical lyrics of water captivate the enchanting colors of the ebbing sun, engross in the twinkling stars, learn, watch, listen and indulge in an experience you won't forget.






Karnataka, the eighth largest state in the Indian Union, is a veritable treasure trove of tourist delights. Discover a dazzling array of ancient sculpted temples and cites that are a splendid ranges, unexplored forests, sparkling features and breathtaking waterfalls. A kaleidoscope of exciting experience to delight senses.
Karnataka is a land of fragrance. A land that has all the ingredients of a great holiday. A relaxed length of the Arabian Sea coastline, the majestic rocks of the Deccan, thick, lush tropical forests, an unimaginable variety of trees, plants, flowers, animals and birds. And a sense of history and culture that is all pervasive. You can take an elephant ride, hike across an excitingly rugged terrain, swim and surf in the green blue sea, or wander through the forts and ruins, visit important pilgrim centres or watch the monsoon rains transform the land. Yes, Karnataka is a state of charming contrasts, the modern blending harmoniously with the old. The hustle bustle of industries nestling comfortably with the easy-going.



Karnataka at a Glance ...



191.791 sq km






  No of District:   19
  Per Capita Income: 8,769
  Religion: Hindu,Muslim,Christian
  Location: South West India
  Urban: appr.25%
  Villages: 29.406
  Main Incame: IT,Software,Agriculture
  Best Time to visit: September to February


Karnataka's history takes us back to pre-historic times. The earliest find of the Stone Age period in India was an hand axe at Lingasugur in Raichur district. Chandra gupta Maurya, the great Indian emperor abdicated his throne to embrace Jainism at Shravanabelagola. In 1956, the Kannada-speaking areas were grouped along with the princely state of Mysore to form what we now call Karnataka in 1973. Karnataka has the imprint of many dynasties. Prominent among them were the Chalukyas, the Hoysalas and the mighty Vijayanagara Empire.


Vidhana Soudha (Bangalore) » Nandi (Bangalore) » Jagmohan Palace (Mysore) » Belur » Chamundi Hill (Bangalore) » Summer Palace (Bangalore) » Maharaja's Place (Mysore) » Halebid » Lal Bagh Garden (Bangalore) » Mysore Palace (Mysore) » Badami caves » Light House (Mangalore)


With several ancient temples and rich cultural heritage, Karnataka celebrates various colorful temples. Having a multi-religious population, many festivals are celebrated here.Festivals:Dussehra,Yugadi,Karaga,Makara Samkramana, Sri Ramanavami, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi and Deepavali.Fairs:Sri Vithappa,The Godachi Fair,Shri Yellamma Devi Fair,Banashankari Devi Fair.


Air: Bangalore is well connected with all the important cities in India by air. Though Bangalore does not have an international terminal, many foreign airlines have offices here for reservation and cargo.

Rail: Bangalore is connected to all major Indian cities by rail. Bangalore is also connected to chennai by several super-fast trains.

Road: Connected by National Highway to Mumbai (998 km) and Chennai (331 km). Several buses of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation connect Bangalore with many towns and cities in the state.


Bangalore » Mangalore » Mysore » Belur & Halebid » Hassan » Srirangapatanam » Hampi » Gulbarga » Chikmaglur » Bijapur » Gorkorna


Karnataka’s forests and wildlife are her priceless natural heritage. The State boasts some of the largest jungle tracts south of the Vindhyas. From the majestic evergreen forests of the Western Ghats to the scrub jungles of the plains, a wide variety of habitats teem with diverse flora and fauna, some of them endemic to the region.Some of these jungles were the private preserves of former rulers. Thanks to their protection, these jungles have survived. However, some of the lesser-known ones are sanctuaries protected by the local populace.Karnataka Wildlife Sanctuaries:- B R Hills Sanctuary,Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary,Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary,Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary,Bhimeshwari Sanctuary,Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary,Bandipur Sanctuary,Nagarhole National Park, Kabini Sanctuary.


Karnataka possesses a rich cultural heritage. The folk theatre has an ancient and rich tradition, the two principal forms being Yakshagana and the puppet theatre.'Yakshagana' is akin to Kathakali of Kerala in the choice of its elaborate costumes and vigorous dancing. 'Bhootada Kunita' (Dance of the Divine Cult), 'Nagamandala' and the demon dance are some quaint rituals prevalent only in Dakshina Kannada coastal area. Sravanabelagola, near Mysore, has a giant 1,000-yr-old stone statue of Bahubali, the Jain saint. Huge monolithic Jain statues are peculiar to the Kannada culture. Karnataka popularly known for Carnatic Music through out the World has given much more to the World than Carnatic Music, a unique form of Classical Music patroned by many across the continents.

Karnataka is famous for its aesthetic craftsmanship in sandalwood and rosewood. Eye-catching items of furniture, in-lay work, coffee tables, wall hangings etc. are worthwhile purchases. Rich silks, wooden toys, leather puppets, Bidriware and other artefacts make ideal mementos. The exquisite art forms of Karnataka have won the admiration of people the world over. Karnataka is well known for the damascene work known as Bidri Ware, exclusive to Bidar and the fragrant sandalwood incense sticks. 


Shopping in Karnataka promises to be an experience steeped in fragrant sandalwood carvings and exquisitely patterned silk saris.Shopping for artistically patterned metal ware, delightfully designed wood crafts and ethnic textiles in the bustling Karnataka markets, bazaars and shopping complexes that show you a wondrous world reflecting natures beauty and man's artistic skill.The famous silk saris of Mysore enchant you with their traditional patterns delicately woven in real gold threads and brocade. Shopping for silk saris in Bangalore and Mysore is a 'once in a lifetime' experience. Rosewood furniture and handicrafts are an integral part of the rich Mysore culture.Karnataka is famous for its sandalwood and ivory crafts. People come from far and wide to shop for sandalwood and metal souvenirs. Shopping for pendants, delicate baskets, wooden caskets with inlay work, sandalwood pens and exotic bookmarks is a delightful adventure.Shopping tours to Karnataka takes a delightful turn as you travel to lovely Udupi that is known for its mythological figures cast in metal, shop for crafts cast in bell metal in Mangalore, buy metal crafts in Bidar, Sravanbelgola and Nagamangala that is well known for its bronze objects.Shopping tours in Gulegudda in Karnataka open up a lavish land of Ilkal saris, Lambani jewelry and Kinnala paintings. Shop for the famous Mysore paintings with their delicate patterns in a riot of vegetable dyes and gold leaf work.India At Its Best offers online booking for tours to Karnataka, South India. For details please fill up the form provided below.