Indian States India - a land of diverse cultures. India is divided into 28 states and seven union territories. From the largest to the smallest, each has a unique history and culture, dress, festivals and way of celebrating them. Select a state to read about their history, geography, land, people, festivals, culture etc and many more !!!

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Andaman & Nicobar
: The islands are endowed with evergreen thick forests and tropical trees with mangrove swamps on the water's edge. Part of the islands are hilly.

Arunachal Pradesh : Earlier known as Northeast frontier Agency, and largest of the seven sisters of north east India ..

Manipur : A variety of orchids and lily in the state...

Mizoram : A land of the High landers, lies in the north east corner of India. The hills with an average height of 900 mt, run in ridges from north to south.

Orissa : The state is mineral rich and a big exporter of iron ore with a large factory at Rourkela.

Tripura : This state known as beautiful scenery, virgin forests and lush valleys, exquisite craft traditions and a colorful cultural-historical heritage.

Assam : The land of hills & valleys, the land of the mighty river lies in the north eastern corner of the world...

Meghalaya : A land full with natures own creations - pure and fresh mountain air, extensive flora & fauna, limpid lakes & ...

Nagaland : Kohima, the Capital city of Nagaland has Kohima War Cemetery which marks the limits of the Japanese advance into India during the WW II. And it is a wonderful state for hiking.

Sikkim : Land full of monasteries ...

West Bengal : It is a complete representation of the Indian subcontinent. West Bengal is known for its fertility, which makes is it one of the largest producer of Jute.